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★ Where are you located?

Sweden (part of the EU).

★ What is your price range?

The following prices are in Euro. Use the currency converter below to calculate the amounts in your currency. When you buy from my shop, you can set your currency at the top of the page.

  • Small pumpkin doll €205~230 + tax

  • Medium pumpkin doll €225~250 + tax

  • Large pumpkin doll €255~280 + tax

  • Small humanoid dolls and goblins €210~250 + tax

  • Medium and large humanoid dolls €225~400 + tax (depends heavily on amount of detail)

IMPORTANT: EU customers need to add 25% for VAT - prices shown on my shop page have this included in the price. Non-EU customers will have to pay sales tax/VAT and customs fees when the packages arrives in your country. Prices include shipping to the list of countries that are able to shop from my website (check "Do you ship to my country?" under SHIPPING). Custom orders cost at least 20 Euro extra for all the communication. Prices may increase over time to reflect my growing skills and popularity.

I saw a doll on your Instagram/TikTok that I want - is it for sale?

First check my shop. If it's not there, check the SHOP PLANS page - this is where I show finished dolls that are waiting to be listed. Not there? Then it has been sold. If you saw a doll on my social media based on a movie or videogame character - those are part of my personal collection. I don't offer these in my shop, no custom orders either.

★ Can I place a custom order?

I accept a limited number custom orders on and off throughout the year. Every now and then I'll add a couple slots to my shop. In my newsletter (subscribe on the homepage) I announce when new slots will open. I only accept custom orders for variations of my own original work, no characters from movies or videogames. Find more information on the CUSTOM ORDERS page under ABOUT.

Why is your shop empty/why is everything sold out?
Due to the handmade nature of my work, my shop is not stocked at all times. If there are no pieces available on my website, this is because I am entirely sold out. Especially my pumpkin dolls often sell immediately after they are listed. I always announce the next date and time of a shop update on this website, on Instagram and in my newsletter (subscribe on the homepage). 

How often do you sell new dolls?

My plan is to add new dolls to the shop at the beginning of each month, but sometimes I'll skip a month if I have a lot of custom orders to work on.

★ How big are your dolls?

I make dolls in 3 sizes. They are roughly 9, 16 and 20 inches tall. You can find this kind of information on THE DOLLS page under ABOUT.



★ Can you hold/reserve a doll for me?

Only if the doll has been in my shop for more than 2 weeks (read the following question).


★ Can I pay for a doll in multiple instalments (payment plan)?

Custom orders are usually paid in 2 parts, but I can be flexible. If a doll has been in my shop for over 2 weeks (these dates are in the description of the listings), contact me and we can discuss a payment plan. I can be flexible - but if you cancel, I will not allow you to request another payment plan or custom order in the future. In case of cancelling a custom order that I have already started working on, I will have to keep 50 Euro of your down-payment. 


★ Do I need Paypal or a creditcard to buy from your shop?

My website covers Paypal and Stripe, which accepts credit cards too.

★ Should I expect customs fees?

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Those outside the EU should expect sales tax/VAT and customs fees when your order arrives in your country. These taxes and fees vary greatly per country, so I cannot tell you how much this will be, but there are calculators that you can find via Google (make sure it's one for your country).


Those in the EU will not get any sort of fees when the package arrives in your country. Instead, you will have already paid for 25% VAT in my shop (included in the price).



★ Where are you located?

Sweden (part of the EU).

★ Do you ship to my country?

Only people from the following countries/areas will be able to purchase from my shop (in alphabetical order): Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Chile, Denmark, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia, Portugal, Norway, France, Finland, Hong Kong, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Thailand, New Zealand, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, South Korea, Netherlands, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Gibraltar, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, Ireland and of course Sweden.


Shipping to other countries like Puerto Rico might still be possible, but the added cost for that can be up to 80-120 USD (30-85 USD extra for missing countries in Europe). This is because my usual postal service does not offer tracking to these countries, so then DHL is my only choice and they have astronomically raised their prices for any shipping outside the EU. It's a lot of work to find out all the prices for every country, because it also depends on which doll size you pick. So this is why people from these countries are not able to buy from my shop. BUT - if you really want to and are willing to pay for the extra shipping cost, just contact me and I will adjust the settings of a (future) listing just for you.

Only purchase from me if you are certain international packages are arriving safely to your country/city! Especially during Covid times it is also your responsibility to make sure that your postal service is able to deliver to you - please do your research.

★ Should I expect customs fees?

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Those outside the EU should expect sales tax/VAT and customs fees when your order arrives in your country. These taxes and fees vary greatly per country, so i cannot tell you how much this will be, but there are calculators that you can find via Google (make sure it's one for your country).


Those in the EU will not get any sort of fees when the package arrives in your country. Instead, you will have already paid for 25% VAT in my shop (included in the price).


★ What happens if the package is lost, stolen or damaged on the way here?

I cannot give refunds for lost or stolen dolls. None of my packages have ever gotten lost (I've sent well over a 100 internationally) and it is also your responsibility to have the package sent to a safe and secure location and make sure your address is correct. If your package is presumably lost, you need to contact your national postal service to see if they can do anything for you. If your package was actually stolen, you should file a police report. 

I currently cannot offer refunds for damaged dolls either. You can ask me about insured shipping after placing your order - then I'll check if the Swedish postal service offers it to your country - however - this is often not available internationally, unfortunately (I am looking for insurance options and will update here if I find something). Therefore Mim's Victims is not responsible for what happens once the package is in the hands of the postal service. Otherwise I could easily get scammed (and all my reviews on Etsy should tell you that I would never scam you). My dolls are made of strong materials and I package them very well, so I cannot be held responsible for any damage that could have happened from rough unwrapping or handling  by the recipient (this has never happened so far). I can only give advice on how to fix any damage that has occurred. A broken finger can be easily repaired with superglue.

If a package is returned to me for whatever reason (this has never happened so far), I will refund you the total amount minus the cost for shipping. A quote from the Swedish postal service in March 2021: "Many countries temporarily store shipments that cannot be forwarded, but in cases where a stop is prolonged, they may be returned. Conditions may change at short notice when different countries and regions choose to close or extend their restrictions."

★ How long will it take for my package to get to me? 

Orders are generally shipped in 1-3 business days. Arrival within Europe can take a couple days after sending or 1-2 weeks depending on the distance. Packages to USA and Canada take 1-3 weeks plus any time that it is waiting in customs (which varies greatly). Packages to some other countries can still like a long time, like 6+ weeks to Australia. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs. It took a lot of patience to make the doll, so please be patient for it to arrive.

★ Do you accept cancellations, returns or exchanges?

I can cancel or change an order within 24 hours and you have not yet confirmed your address, but after address confirmation or if 2 days have passed, I might have already paid for shipping with your address linked to it. If you would then still like to cancel and the doll has not yet been sent off, I can refund you the total amount minus the shipping I paid for. If you have a good reason to return a doll, I'll accept it - but you'll have to pay for the shipping and I can only refund you the total amount minus the initial shipping cost.

What does the doll's packaging look like?

My dolls are securely shipped (see pictures below) in a plain cardboard box, and then I neatly wrap that box in brown paper. They all come with their own little signed certificate  (picture on THE DOLLS page) that contains info about the doll, attached to the doll with a ribbon. Clay parts are wrapped with bubble wrap or some kind of foam material and the whole doll is wrapped in a sheet of white plastic. The rest of the box is filled up with scrunched up newspaper, so the doll cannot move around. I stick a handwritten note on the box, under the brown paper. So the note could be taken off and the box rewrapped to be given as a gift.


You can find information on the different dolls I offer, my size ranges and how they move on this page

★ What kind of clay do you use?

I use Aves’ Apoxie Sculpt. It is very strong, so generally no worries about breakage, with the exception of ears and spread out fingers. If a doll with ears falls on the side of their head, a piece can break off - but otherwise they'll be fine. The shoes are usually made of black clay or other colors of Apoxie Sculpt, so no paint can scratch off (I always state which parts are painted).

★ What kind of paint do you use?

Acrylic paint from the brand Liquitex.

★ Do you make the outfits yourself too?

Yes! I make every aspect of the doll. I don't buy ready-made wigs or clothing, ever. The only things I don't make from scratch are the dreadlocks I use - I simply cut those to the right length and glue them to the doll's head.

★ How are your dolls made?

It involves many steps to make a complete multimedia art doll, including sculpting and sewing. I have many videos on Youtube where you can see me making dolls. When it comes to my original work (so everything besides movie/videogame characters): Only use them as inspiration - do not copy! My doll's designs are my intellectual property, so do not copy my work. To help prevent art theft, I do not show exactly how I make my dolls' bodies. 

★ Are there any animal products used in making the dolls?

Generally, no - with the exception of sheep wool dreadlocks. Sometimes a sweater fabric might have some wool in it. The straight hair I use is always synthetic and I never use real leather. If you want a custom doll with synthetic dreads, I can probably purchase those for you if you are willing to pay for them. 

★ Do you use any type of sealant or varnish?

Sometimes. Acrylic paint also does not technically need a sealant or varnish. Swedish is cold so many months in the year that spray varnish can act weird and ruin my work. Besides that, most sealants/varnishes give a gloss or satin finish (even when it says it has a matte finish) and I prefer a matte look. I will sometimes use it on painted feet/shoes to prevent paint chipping off as much as possible, because they have a tendency to knock together if you pick a doll up. But even better than that, I usually make the feet/shoes out of a colored clay, so it does not need to be painted over. I often use nail polish on the dolls' eyes.


★ Do you use molds?

I use a press mold for the top of the hands of my medium and large humanoid dolls. All the hands still end up looking slightly different, though. No other molds are used – ever. The dolls are all sculpted from scratch and one of a kind.

Updated April 14th, 2021

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