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★ Where can I buy a doll?

I have a shop on Etsy: (click to open shop in new window)

I also take custom orders (page under construction). These are mostly handled though e-mail and Paypal, but Etsy is also an option.

★ Do you accept commissions/custom orders?

In general, yes! But, I am closed for custom orders at the moment. Will reopen sometime after October 2020. By then I will have a new and improved page on this website with all the info you need.

★ How big are your dolls?

You can find this kind of information on this page.

★ Is it possible to buy Pennywise/Jack/Joker dolls?

Yes and no. I make these movie character dolls for myself and for Youtube content (they each have their own videos). I started my Movie Monster Dolls series to see what I am capable of and to improve my skills. So I might sell (some of) them eventually, but I will never make them again. This is also because it is officially not legal for me to make money off these characters that are not mine and not in the public domain. People that do so are actually breaking laws. This can get you in trouble on platforms like Etsy. But it's not such a big deal when it's a one off, as if I am selling my own stuff secondhand. I just don't want to make it part of my brand. As of June 2020, I plan to sell Joker later this year through a blind auction (Paypal payment only) because I do not feel attached to him. I want to wait until worldwide shipping has hopefully returned back to normal, since he will be more expensive than my usual work and I would like as little risk with shipping him as possible. But I plan to keep Pennywise and Jack. Subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on new dolls for sale and matters like this.



★ Can you hold/reserve a doll for me?

I can, but only when I doll has been in my shop for over a month and you'll need to make a down payment.


★ Can I pay for a doll in multiple instalments (payment plan)?

Custom orders are generally paid in 2 parts, but 1 or 3 is okay too. Just let me know what works for you. Dolls on Etsy need to be paid in full if they have been in my shop for less than a month. If a doll has been in my shop for over a month, message me and we can discuss a payment plan.


★ Do I need Paypal or a creditcard to buy from your shop?

Etsy takes all kinds of payment methods, so you don’t necessarily need Paypal or a creditcard to buy. In the bottom right corner of the Etsy homepage, you can set your country, language and currency (this will be set permanently if you have an account). Then go to a listing (a product' page) in my shop, scroll down to payment methods and see the icons of the accepted forms of payment.


I generally handle custom orders through Paypal, but if this is not a possibility for you, it can be handled through Etsy - but, with an added fee as Etsy takes more fees from me. 



★ Do you ship to my country?

I ship worldwide from Sweden with tracking through the Swedish Post office (PostNord). I have sent dolls to the USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and more. I have also once sent a doll to Chile (South America) with DHL, as PostNord did not offer tracking, but DHL did. 

★ Should I expect customs fees?

To those outside the EU, right now I still cross packages off as gifts and write the value as 25 euros to help (not promise) prevent high customs fees. This might change in the future.


★ How can I be sure the doll doesn’t get damaged on the way here?

Unfortunately my post office does not offer insurance to many countries and when it does, the price is very high. But shipping does include tracking and I package the dolls very safely. Not only do I use extremely strong epoxy clay for the doll, I pack them in a way so they can’t move around in the box. The painted bits get wrapped in bubble wrap and then I fill the empty space up with things like cardboard, bubble wrap and scrunched up newspaper. In the unlikely scenario something does happen to your doll, I promise you we'll come up with a solution together.


★ How long will it take for my package to get to me?

BEFORE COVID-19: Shipping to most European countries generally takes up to a week and within a week and to other continents in 1 to 3 weeks. My packages to the USA usually take 9 business days to arrive.

DURING COVID-19: Within Europe, shipping times are generally normal. Only took 4 days for a package to get delivered to a buyer in Germany early June 2020. Shipping time to buyers from the UK has varied between 1-3 weeks. Packages to America are much slower than usual and vary between 4-6 weeks. This is because packages are going there by ocean freight, so it usually takes 3-4 to even reach America, then another week for transport to the buyer's address. Delays can occur anywhere.

★ Do you accept cancellations, returns or exchanges?

An order can be cancelled or changed as long as the doll has not been shipped yet. Once the dolls is sent off, I do not accept returns or exchanges.



You can find information on the different dolls I offer, my size ranges and how they move on this page

★ How are your dolls made?

It involves many steps to make a complete multimedia art doll, including sculpting and sewing. I have many videos on Youtube where you can see (part of) my process. This video from 2018 shows every step except hair (which I have a separate video about). No commentary in this video, just music.


★ Are there any animal products used in making the dolls?

Generally, no - with the exception of sheep wool dreads. The straight hair I use is always synthetic and I never use real leather. The wool dreads were actually a mistake, for which I apologise for to my vegan buyers. I bought these dreads with the belief that they were synthetic. I still want to use them as they are great quality and it' no point in wasting them. I can buy other synthetic ones for any vegan custom orders. 

★ What kind of clay do you use?

Since 2017 I only use Aves’ Apoxie Sculpt, an amazing epoxy clay (I have a Youtube video all about it). It is oh so strong, so generally no worries about breakage with the exception of ears and spread out fingers. If a doll with ears falls on the side of their head, a piece can break off. The shoes are usually made of black or other colours of Apoxie Sculpt, so no paint can scratch off (I always state if there is paint on it that you need to look out for). Tiny white scratches can appear from contact with the other shoe or any surface, but they become pretty much invisible again once you rub your fingers over it. I have stopped using polymer clay and other clay types.

★ What kind of paint do you use?

I only use acrylic paint. It can scratch off if you try, but it adheres very well to the epoxy clay I use - much better than it adheres to polymer clay. I have sometimes used sealants and varnishes in the past (although never a must with acrylics), but have stopped doing so since this can discolour unexpectedly over time. I only use acrylic varnish or nail polish on the eyes and fingernails sometimes. 


★ Do you use molds?

I use a self-made press mold for the top of the hands of my medium and large dolls. All the hands still end up looking slightly different, though. No other molds are used – ever. The dolls are hand sculpted and all one of a kind.

Updated June 22nd, 2020


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