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The following dolls will be available for purchase on on the date and time stated above. Click on an image to open a gallery of images of the doll. Doll information, video demos and shipping information below! If you have any more questions, get the quickest response by messaging me on Instagram or Etsy. 













doll info

★ Price: €110 each

Free worldwide* tracked shipping from Sweden in 1-3 business days after placing your order.

Please check shipping information below, thank you. The dolls will be shipped in a somewhat DIY'd boxes, as my box supplier is having delays. Still wrapped in brown paper as always. 

The description of these dolls does vary a little bit, but here is what they all have in common:

Total height: 21.5 - 24 cm / 8.5 - 9 inch
Sitting height: 13 - 16 cm / 5.1 - 5.5 inch
Weight: around 260 grams / 0.57 lb

- Unique character design by Mims Victims.
- Quite heavy for its size, so it can support itself when sitting. 
- The arms and legs can move to an extent, but will not hold a position unless supported. Range of motion will vary between dolls. 
- Can either sit or stand.*
* Can not stand on its own, only when leaning it's back against something or when sitting on something 7.5 cm / 3 inch tall (8 cm for doll #6), as seen in pictures. Does not come with any sort of doll stand. Please move both legs at the same time when changing position.
- There is a Mims Victims tag on its back.
- Comes with a little card as certificate of authenticity with info.

- Hair is synthetic, except for dread locks which are made of sheep wool.
- The pumpkin pins are sculpted from clay and glued on to the shirt.
- Head, arms and legs are made of extremely strong and durable Aves's Apoxie Sculpt (epoxy clay). 
- The shoes/feet are made of coloured Apoxie Sculpt. This part has no paint on it (all the rest does). White scratches can appear from contact with the other foot or any surface, but they become pretty much invisible again once you rub your fingers over it.
- Painted with acrylic paint (can scratch off if it comes in contact with anything sharp).
- No varnish used except for on the eyes, so less chance of discoloration. 
- The arms have metal wire inside of them, with a loop that goes around the hole at the top that connects it to the body. So no chance of the arms breaking off when moving them. 
- The body is made of a textile sack filled with clean gravel/rocks and scrap materials. 
- The doll's outfit is made of re-purposed/up-cycled clothes.
- The pants can come off and the shirt can come off if stitches in the back are cut through.

- This is an art doll and is not meant to be played with.
- This doll is somewhat posable, but not suitable for stop motion purposes. 
- Can not be washed, only dusted off with a soft brush. DO NOT USE WET/DAMP CLOTHS!
- This doll is unique, 100% made by me, one of a kind.

size comparison with a 16.5 and 21 inch doll

shipping information

The dolls will be shipped in a somewhat DIY'd boxes, as my box supplier is having delays. Still neatly wrapped in brown paper as always. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, I have shipped dolls to the USA and the UK and things went as usual, except for a longer time to reach their home in UK. To UK in April: 13 business days, to USA in March: 10 business days. Still, please make sure that the post office/service in your area is actually working to prevent any problems and keep in mind that delays can occur. Also please check if your country is listed below, in the list of countries my post office will ship to. Normal shipping times are up to 1 week in Europe and 1-3 weeks to the USA. All my packages include tracking.

For packages outside the EU, I still cross them off as gifts and write a lower value on the customs form to help prevent customs fees. Keep in mind that some countries will charge fees for international packages regardless of the value and whether it is a gift or not.

Countries I can ship to

This is how deliveries are affected by the corona virus (information provided by my post office Post Nord)

Here you can read about how deliveries are affected by the ongoing spread of the corona virus. This page is constantly updated based on what is known at the current time. This is our latest info. Updated April 23 at 2 p.m. 17.15. Read the most up to date information here: You can select English on this page.

Keep in mind that many businesses are closed due to the virus outbreak and the restrictions that apply. Shops, restaurants, offices and factories can be left without staff. Please check with the recipient before sending your shipment so that someone is there to receive deliveries and avoid anything from being returned. 

Several countries have closed their limits on passenger traffic, which means that large parts of air traffic are stopped. This leads to a lack of transport capacity and thus stops for mail and parcels to large parts of the world.

PostNord can currently receive shipments for promotion to the countries below. The transport of mail and parcels will in many cases take place on land or at sea and may take longer than usual.

  • All countries in the EU

  • Hong Kong *

  • Iran *

  • Iceland

  • Japan *

  • Canada *

  • channel Islands

  • China *

  • Lichtenstein

  • Norway

  • monaco

  • Russia *

  • San Marino

  • Switzerland

  • Singapore *

  • Britain

  • South Korea *

  • Turkey *

  • Ukraine *

  • USA *

  • Vatican City *

  • Vietnam *

  • Qatar *

  • Aland

* Exception: The PostNord Parcel service will be stopped and returned when that service uses a network that is currently closed.

We are currently unable to receive mail and parcels other than the countries listed above , but we are working to find ways to send shipments to other countries in the world. Delays can also occur from all countries depending on the restrictions each country has introduced.

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