ONLY 1 AVAILABLE - goes for all dolls, a doll can only be made again as a custom order, but will never look exactly the same as the original.


PLEASE READ: Information that applies to all dolls is on THE DOLLS page under ABOUT. There you can also find  a Posing & Care Tips video. Please read that page if you are unfamiliar with my work. This is an art doll and is not meant to be played with!


Name: Kevin

Total height: 53 cm / 20.9 inch

Sitting height: 31.5 cm / 12.4 inch

Weight: 823 grams / 1.8 lb

Made at the end of 2019.




Does not come with a doll stand. Is meant to sit down.


The shoes are made of black Apoxie Sculpt. White scratches can appear on the black parts from contact with the other shoe or any surface, but they become pretty much invisible again once you rub your fingers over it. No paint used except on the 'elastic' of the shoe, so lines on the soles for example cannot scratch off. He's shoes are dirty looking on purpose, this is also Apoxie Sculpt and will not come off.

21" Doll Kevin

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