ONLY PURCHASE IF YOU HAVE READ THE "CUSTOM ORDERS" PAGE UNDER "ABOUT" AND THE "FAQ" PAGE. And please always contact me beforehand for any requests that are not a pumpkin! Humanoids, zombies, goblins etc are more complicated and so the price can be much higher than that of a pumpkin. I need to make sure your concept is something I can do and that you are okay with my price.


NO MINIS! I will most likely never offer custom minis, because it's hard to find fabrics that work on their scale and the outfit options are very limited too. I will do my best to offer different colors in the future.


MAX 1 SLOT PER PERSON! The rule is that this gets you 1 doll, but if you happen to want 2, you can always ask and I'll see if I have time.


Your order will be finished in 2-5 weeks after setting final price and design. To determine which order I work on first, I look at who was first with placing an order, but those who are able to pay in full up front also get priority.


Information that applies to all dolls is on THE DOLLS page under ABOUT. There you can also find  a Posing & Care Tips video. Please read that page if you are unfamiliar with my work. They are art dolls and not meant to be played with!


If this listing is out of stock, it will open up again at some point (check the SHOP PLANS page).


If you cancel halfway through the process, I will refund your money minus the amount in this listing. Read the CUSTOM ORDERS page under ABOUT to know what total price to expect for your wishes, which concepts I accept and more about how the whole process works. If you are not certain I will accept your concept, please contact me before purchasing.


NO MOVIE OR VICEO GAME CHARACTERS! (Loosely inspired is usually okay, but please ask beforehand.) Only variations of my original work! But feel free to come up with new pumpkin combination concepts (like vampire, clown etc).


More info on the CUSTOM ORDERS page.

Custom doll (down payment)

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