October 2020

This month I will be working hard to finish my list of custom orders.​ I don't know when I will accept custom orders again. I hope to put out a new Youtube video (mid-November at its latest), which will probably be a simple clay comparison/review.

Dolly Day Barcelona March 20th 2021

After October 2020, I have to work towards filling a table at Dolly Day Barcelona March 20th 2021. I will be posting these dolls on my Instagram as I go. Dolls that are not sold at the event, will be put in my Etsy shop early April 2021. They cannot be reserved. 


In November-December I really want to film a new Making Movie Monster Dolls episode for Youtube. The characters that are the highest on my list are Hellboy, Chucky, Frankenstein's Monster and Jason Voorhees. I also have plans for a few easy doll making tutorials for beginners and a series where I try to make different types of dolls and doll bodies. But I don't know when I will get around to those plans.

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