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Some changes have been made to the schedule, due to more concrete vacation plans. The dates in June and July had to be scrapped. I don't expect to scrap any more dates for the rest of the year. If anything, more custom order slots will be added.

Shop updates are always on Saturdays at 8 PM Swedish time.

--- 2022 SCHEDULE ---

April 30th: Batch of 16" and 9" dolls various themes, 20 pale blue minis, 6 custom order slots (custom orders will be finished and sent off before June 10th).

July 23rd: Batch of dolls tbd, 3 custom order slots (custom orders will be made in August and sent off before Sept. 1st).

September 3rd: Batch of dolls tbd

October 1st: Batch of dolls tbd

October 22nd: 4 custom order slots (custom orders will be made in November and sent off before Dec. 1st, so they should arrive in time for Christmas with standard shipping.)

October 29th: Batch of dolls tbd

November 27th: Batch of dolls tbd

December: Closed/time off

tbd = to be determined

Perhaps goes without saying, but keep in mind that I am a one-woman-show, so all plans are dependent of me being in good health and thus plans will change if I am somehow unable to work.

I mainly make 16" dolls for my shop updates, because they are most popular (and my own favorite size to make). I sometimes makes 9", but they are a minority in my updates. And I don't make 20" dolls at all anymore for my shop, so you'll need to place a custom order for that size.

Custom orders

My plan for the rest of 2022 is to accept custom orders on the following dates: April 30th, July 23rd, October 22nd. There will be 3 or more slots available on each of those dates. In 2021 this amount was balanced with the demand for them, which means that you should be able to get one if you really want one. If you still happen to miss out on any of those dates, please contact me and I might still be able to accept your order, depending on how busy I am.

The price for custom order slots can be viewed in my shop, which is only a down payment. To find out what price to expect for your wishes and more info on the whole process, check the CUSTOM ORDERS page. After buying a slot, you'll receive an email from me within an hour (or feel free to email me your wishes right away) that will start the conversation about your wishes, price and payment plan. No problem if you don't have time right away, but then please get back to me within 3 days.



Updated May 2nd, 2022