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Shop updates are always on Saturdays at 8 PM Swedish time. Remember that my dolls usually sell pretty quickly after listing them (some almost immediately), so be ready at the shop update time if you really want one.

--- 2022 SCHEDULE ---

  • October 1st: Four 16", Halloween themed. See previews in shop.

  • October 29th: A small batch of 16" dolls based on horror movie characters. + 4 custom order slots. Plans for batch: Pumpkin versions of the following movie characters: Sam (Trick 'r Treat), Jason Voorhees and maybe more. Also plan to make the winning design of my secret little insta story design contest at the end of October, but might be for sale in the November release. Custom orders will be finished and sent off before Dec. 1st, so they should arrive in time for Christmas with standard shipping. No promises about arrival dates, though - this is only guaranteed when paying extra for DHL (takes max 1 week worldwide).

  • November 27th: Small batch of dolls tbd

  • December: Closed/time off

tbd = to be determined. 

Perhaps goes without saying, but keep in mind that I am a one-woman-show, so all plans are dependent of me being in good health and thus plans will change if I am somehow unable to work. I am currently taking things a little slower to prevent burnout and therefore cannot promise exactly how many dolls there will be for sale on October 29th.

I mainly make 16" dolls for my shop updates, because they are most popular (and my own favorite size to make). I sometimes makes 9", but they are a minority in my updates. And I don't make 20" dolls at all anymore for my shop, so you'll need to place a custom order for that size.

Custom orders

PLEASE READ IF YOU PLAN TO PURCHASE A SLOT ON OCTOBER 29TH: Only place an order on this date if you can finish payment by the end of November. And please hold off on placing an order if you want your doll to have glasses, like my recent witch. If you want your doll to have glasses, you should wait until January or later to place an order. I have ordered more glasses, but since they are coming from China, it can take up to 6 weeks for them to arrive. And because I will not be working on dolls in December at all, this will not work for the Oct. 29th orders. In general it would be great to communicate with me up front about wanting glasses for your dolls, because I might have to order the specific style you want up front and plan accordingly with their arrival in my mailbox.

October 29th is the last time I'll be accepting custom orders for 2022. There will be 4 slots available on that date. If you miss out, please keep in mind that I am only one woman with only two hands and I have much more time for custom orders earlier in the year (January-June). During those months you also have a much higher chance that I can squeeze you in without you having to buy a slot from my shop. For the rest of 2022, I absolutely cannot take on extra orders.

The price for custom order slots can be viewed in my shop, which is only a down payment. To find out what price to expect you can check the example listings in my shop and for more info on the whole process you can check the CUSTOM ORDERS. After buying a slot, you'll receive an email from me within an hour (or feel free to email me your wishes right away) that will start the conversation about your wishes, price and payment plan. Please get back to me within 24 hours.



Updated September 29th, 2022