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Next restock


New pumpkin dolls will be added on May 2nd at 8 PM CEST (Swedish time). I don't know yet how many there will be. I am currently working on 3 medium pumpkins, all with button eyes and different mouths. Once I have a doll finished, I will place a picture of on this page. A few days before the restock, you will be able to preview the listings in the shop (it will then say SOLD OUT underneath, but there will be 1 of each available on the date and time previously stated).


I plan to have monthly shop updates, but some months there will be more dolls than others, also depending on how many custom orders I am working on.

260 Euro incl. shipping +tax

Custom orders

Three slots for custom orders will be listed in the shop on May 9th, 8 PM CEST. The price on those listings will be 500 Swedish Crowns, which is around 60 USD (or 62 Euro incl. VAT for EU customers), which is only a down payment. To find out what price range to expect for your wishes and more info on the whole process, check the CUSTOM ORDERS page under ABOUT.



As expected, Dolly Day Barcelona has been postponed again - to September 4th 2021. I have a table booked and should be able to attend, but I honestly think it might get postponed once more.



Updated April 14th, 2021

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