I am currently working towards filling a table at Dolly Day Barcelona on March 20th, 2021 (assuming it will happen). The dolls I will be making for this event will be posted on Instagram as I go along. They cannot be reserved. Dolls that are not sold at the event, will go in my shop early April. 


You can subscribe to my newsletter on this page to find out exactly when the shop opening will be. I only send out newsletters for actual important updates like this and sometimes for new Youtube videos (which I don't post often). For most frequent updates about what I am making, follow me on

Good news: I have decided to continue accepting custom orders/commissions! I will start this up again in April or May. To prevent getting overwhelmed, I will take on less orders per month and I will likely take a month off from them every now and then. The prices will be higher than last year and I will allow myself to be picky (not sure if I want to do 'mini-mes' anymore). I will be timing my work up to April to determine my new prices and I will be coming up with some new designs for you to choose from/get inspired by.

Thanks so much for all your support!

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