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The first shop update of 2023 will March 4th at 8 PM CET (Swedish time). I'll also be working on custom orders, so there may only be three 16" dolls available on that date. After July the shop updates will be bigger, since I won't be taking on any custom orders in the 2nd half of the year. 

Shop updates are usually on a Saturday at the beginning or end of the month, always at 8 PM Swedish time. My dolls usually sell pretty quickly after listing them (some almost immediately), so be ready at the shop update time if you really want one. I mainly make 16" dolls for my shop updates, because they are most popular (and my own favorite size to make).

In 2023 I will set dates for the shop updates as I go, so I'm no longer setting a schedule for the whole year. Just to give myself a bit more flexibility. My shop updates are in general monthly, but sometimes I will skip a month due to custom orders or time off.

I plan to have my 9" pumpkins making a more regular appearance in the shop and I'll be offering more color ways of my mini pumpkin dolls this year.

custom orders

I'm fully booked with custom orders until the end of February and am not currently taking on orders for March just yet - I will most likely open again on March 2nd. I previously stated here that I will start accepting custom order again on and after February 15th, but I am waiting to find out about a trip I'll be going on. This will likely in March and will take me away from doll making for about 2 weeks. So to prevent overbooking myself, I will wait to take on more orders until the plans are set in stone. This should be sorted by March 2nd, which is when I will also send out a newsletter about my March 4th shop update. So if all goes well, that newsletter will announce that I am open for custom orders again. You can sign up for my mailing list here if you would like a reminder.


This year I am only doing custom orders until the end of June, so accepting new orders may end around June 1st. More information about custom orders can be found here



Updated January 22nd, 2023

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