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I will soon start working on custom orders (currently sick), so my next release will most likely be early February.

In general, I will definitely continue with the textures you see in this release - and more rotting pumpkins, for sure! I was surprised about the love for that one, thank you for that. Besides that, I know many of you loved my Valentine's pumpkins from earlier this year, so I will also keep that in mind for a February '24 release.

My dolls usually sell pretty quickly after listing them (some almost immediately), so be ready at the shop update time if you really want one.

I expect to be able to offer a few 'all themes welcome' custom order slots a few months into the year. This is when you'll be able to get a repeat of a doll you may have missed out on. There are only a few of my older dolls that I won't repeat and I will show these on my Custom Order page when I announce the date for the slots.

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Updated November 5th, 2023

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