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Important to know

Mim's Victims currently offers 3 sizes, which are listed below. Every doll is a piece of art and is not meant to be played with. They are purely decorative. Although it's sometimes possible to take their clothes off, they are meant to keep their original outfit on. The bigger dolls are semi-posable, but are not suitable for stop-motion. More specific information about each doll is always explained in their Etsy listings (and listing previews on my website) and should be read thoroughly before purchasing. Never clean with water/moisture, only dust off with a dry soft brush. A lint roller can be used on the clothes.

Where to buy 

I have a shop on Etsy and periodically accept custom orders. Please check the FAQ page for more info on the shopping side of things.


Every doll comes with a signed certificate and they all have a label glued on their back (body, not clothes).


Size and flexibility

I currently offer dolls in 3 sizes.


Total height around 9 inch (23 cm)*

Sitting height around 5.5 inch (14 cm)*

*Size listed is accurate for pumpkin dolls and dolls with a flat hairstyle. If a doll has dreadlocks for example, they can be up to an inch taller.


The arms and legs are made of solid clay. The arms also have twisted metal wire in them to add strength (except the pumpkin's hands). The limbs can move at the shoulders and hips to an extent, but will not hold a position unless supported. How much the arms are able to move will vary between dolls of this size. Dolls can either sit or stand as shown in the video below.

Sitting/standing demo

Sitting/standing demo mini dolls

movement demo


Total height around 16.1 inch (41 cm)*

Sitting height around 9.5 inch (24 cm)*

*Size listed is accurate for pumpkin dolls and dolls with a flat hairstyle and flat shoes. If the doll has platform shoes and big hair, they can be up to 3 inches taller.


Total height around 20.5 inch (52 cm)*

Sitting height around 12 inch (30 cm)*

*Size listed is accurate for pumpkin dolls and dolls with a flat hairstyle and flat shoes. If the doll has platform shoes and big hair, they can be up to 3 inches taller..

The medium and large dolls are built exactly the same, the only difference being size. These dolls are semi-posable, because you can bend their arms and legs and have them stay in that position. This means that they can either have their legs straight out or you can bend the legs at the knees so that can sit on the edge of a shelf or piece of furniture.


Every doll's head, hands and feet/shoes are carefully sculpted with strong epoxy clay. Their hair is synthetic, with the exception of sheep wool dreadlocks. Their eyes are made of glass beads or semi-precious stones. Their bodies consist of a textile pouch that is partially filled with rocks at the bottom. This makes them stable enough to sit without back support. All the dolls are meant to sit down, but can technically stand with some support - like against a wall - for a photo (at your own risk). This is possible because they have a metal wire skeleton inside of them. Again, they are not meant to be played with and theoretically the metal wire will eventually get worn out if bended it the same spot too many times. This has not happened to me personally even after several photoshoots with a doll, but bending their arm every day for weeks or months will likely make it snap at some point.


Shoes/feet are usually not painted, but instead made of colored clay. On darker clay, white scratches may appear from friction with the other shoe or a hard surface, but rubbing your fingers over the scratches will usually make them disappear. Be aware that a very rough surface like concrete could leave permanent damage, just like sandpaper would.


If you'd like to see my dolls being made, you can check out my Youtube channel. You can find short videos on my Instagram page (reels tab) and on Tiktok. If you want to make dolls yourself, of course use my videos as inspiration, but do not copy my original work! They are my intellectual property, including the designs I've made for the bodies.

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