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Every single doll is an absolute work of art

By B (USA), July 12th 2023

I found your site while searching on Instagram for Halloween Pumpkin Dolls. Immediately, I was OBSESSED with the quality and artistry of every doll I saw Mim post. Every single doll is an absolute work of art. So with this last shop update, I made sure to Google time zone differences to set my alarm clock on my phone and made sure to take my break at work so I could hopefully snag the Classic Orange Jack O'lantern Doll. Much to my surprise, I was able to purchase the exact doll I wanted. Shipping honestly took a no time at all and the moment my mail lady handed me the package, I opened it and geeked out. I'm so in love with how absolutely perfect this doll is. The quality and attention to detail is out of this world. I love everything about him including his swirly feet and how much he weighs. As soon as I opened him, I searched Mim's site to see if the other doll I wanted was still available and it was! So, I purchased him too and I can't wait to have the pair of them sitting on my nightstand all year long. 😊 I hope I can continue to add to this collection. Thank you so so much Mim!

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Not only an amazing doll maker, she is so easy to communicate with

By Audrée (Canada), May 27th 2022

I discovered Mim’s Victims while scrolling on Instagram and I was impressed by her talent of creating dolls ! Not only is she an amazing doll maker, she is so easy to communicate with. Mim’s easy to reach and she will be so kind in her messages! For the custom order, I had an idea for my doll and she gave me friendly suggestions to make sure my idea works. The real thing is that her ideas for the dolls that she puts in her shop are so breathtaking. That means you hardly need a custom, you will fall in love with her batch! Otherwise, an amazing thing with her is that she is so comprehensive if you need to make a double payment (under some circumstances, but still, not everyone does that!) When you receive your box you will realize it’s eco-friendly (which is always nice) and that your doll is really protected in the box. So overall, she is a wonderful doll maker who is comprehensive, is great in communication, and is able to adapt to your idea/situation. I own 10 of her dolls (mini, small and medium sizes) and I’ll continue to support as long as I can ! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy in my life through your dolls ! :)

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honored to now own 12 of her dolls

By Jessica (Canada), August 13th 2021

Mim has always been amazing to do business with and totally open to working on ideas with you. She responds in a timely manner and ensures the best possible delivery for the dolls she sends. I am honored to now own 12 of her dolls and hope to collect more in future. Honestly, she is the best doll maker around! I highly recommend Mims Victims!


It looks even better in person

By Micah (USA), August 4th 2021

I received my doll and ripped open the packaging excitedly!


Honestly, this whole process (payment plan) has been super easy, and Mariam/Mimsvictims were very communicative throughout the whole process. The doll itself came wrapped up safely for shipping, the details on it are so astounding and intricate. It looks even better in person, and I'm so happy to have such a nice art piece from you! 

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wonderfully unique shop

By S (USA), July 2nd 2021

I love Mim’s work so much - the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning, and the hand-painted details are lovely and convey a cozy yet spooky vibe. I was super excited when more pumpkin dolls were available, after looking forward to adopting one for several months. My new adoptee (hereby named Mortimer) happened to be in my favorite colors and I was lucky enough to acquire him since they usually sell out so quickly (and for good reason!). Mortimer was packaged very carefully and arrived to me both quite fast considering the intercontinental shipping, and perfectly intact. I appreciated the personalized note and tag, too; the customer service was awesome! I would love to adopt a friend for him one day :) Mim’s Victims is a wonderfully unique shop, from a very kind and talented artist - I highly recommend! Thanks again, Mim!


extremely happy with my purchase

By Kamilah (USA), May 20th 2021

I received Nuru a few weeks ago and I absolutely love her. It’s a gift, so I put her back in her packaging until I gift her to my sister next month, but I’m extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!


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