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★ Where are you located?

Sweden (part of the EU).

★ What is your price range?

Currently my 9 inch dolls are generally between 400-500 US dollars and my larger dolls between 530-650 US dollars.  Price depends on the amount of detail/time spent on the doll. My mini dolls (4 inch) are the most affordable item that I currently offer, which are around 60 US dollars plus shipping. Prices are set in Swedish Crowns, so the currency exchange rate will fluctuate a bit over time. Prices may go up over time to reflect increasing quality and popularity.

★ How/when can I purchase a doll?

Dolls are for sale in my shop at a scheduled date/time which is announced on Instagram, my newsletter (sign up here) and the SHOP PLANS page. Please note that my work often sells quickly, so you need to be ready at the scheduled time if you don't want to miss out. Dolls' listings are added to the shop for preview as I make them. I always only make one of each (if there are multiples of the same design, they get their own listing). I also offer custom orders every now and then, you can find all the info about that on this page.

When will X doll be back in stock?

I don't really 'restock' dolls that you see marked as sold in my shop. A sold doll could technically come back to the shop, but it's not guaranteed because I generally try to keep things interesting by changing or adding on to my previous designs. I may be able to remake a doll you fell in love with, for this you can place a custom order when they are available.

Why is your shop empty/why is everything sold out?

My dolls often sell quickly after they are added to the shop. And because everything is handmade, I cannot offer many dolls per month/year (this makes them extra special). I always announce the next date and time of a shop update in the banner at the very top of every page on this website, on Instagram and in my newsletter (sign up here). 


I saw a doll on your Instagram/TikTok that I want - is it for sale?

Have I only just posted a doll on Instagram? Then read the caption for info, it may state that they are part of my next release or if it was a custom order. As for dolls posted a while ago or newer posts without any info (likely of an older doll), check my shop. Not there? Then they have already been sold.

★ Can I place a custom order?

Check the Custom order page. I announce updates about custom order availability and those types of things in my newsletter (sign up here) and on my Instagram story.

★ I was too slow to get a doll, any tips?

You can make an account on my website beforehand (click here for help) and add your payment info in advance to help with a speedy checkout. (I know Paypal is also a quick option, but keep in mind you'd be doing me a big favor by picking a different option if you're able to, because of the high fees they have.) Or you can get a custom order when they are available. Subscribe to my newsletter (sign up here) to stay updated.

Will you be making more mini pumpkins?

I plan to continue making more variations of my mini pumpkins in the future. But it is very unlikely that I will ever accept custom orders for this tiny size, because it's very hard to find fabrics and outfits that work on this scale, so the options are very limited.

★ Can I buy doll clothes separately?

No, I do not sell doll clothes, only finished dolls. My dolls are not meant to change outfits because their fingers could break off (I use strong clay, but it's not unbreakable).

★ Can I cancel my order?

I can cancel an order within 24 hours, but I can only refund you the total amount minus the payment fees, as I cannot get these back (these fees can be up to 35 US dollars). After 24 hours I may have already paid for shipping with your address linked to it, which I cannot undo. If you catch me before I have sent off the doll but have already paid for the shipping label, I can refund you the total amount minus the shipping cost and payment fees. If the doll has already been sent off, I can of course no longer cancel the order. Check returns info under Shipping.

The dolls

★ Where can I find a gallery of your work?

My instagram page is currently the best way to view and keep up with my creations.


★ What are they made of?

My dolls are completely handmade without the use of any casting/molds. The head, hands and feet are carefully sculpted with strong epoxy clay. Their bodies are made of metal wire and textile, filled with scrap materials and some smalls rocks at the bottom. This makes them very stable and they can sit without any back support. Their eyes are made of plastic, glass, stone or wooden buttons. They're painted with acrylics and a protective varnish/sealant is used when necessary. 

★ How big are they?

Mim's Victims currently come in:

4 inch (mini): 10 cm/4" tall.

9 inch: Sitting height 14 cm/5.5", standing height 23 cm/9".

14 inch: Sitting height 22 cm/8.7", standing height 36 cm/14.2"

16 inch: Sitting height 24 cm/9.5", standing height 41 cm/16.1" 

These sizes are for standard oval pumpkins, except for the minis. Hoods, hats and longer head designs will also add height. The exacts height is always mentioned in their listing and Instagram posts. 

Medium dolls with minis (19).JPG
IMG_3181 copy_edited.jpg

16 + 4 inch

9 + 4 inch


16 + 9 inch

★ How much can the dolls move/be posed?

Below the written answer to this question you can find videos showing the dolls being posed.

4 inch (mini): These have metal wire in them, so that you can bed them to have them sit in a natural position in the lap of another doll (on a table without a cloth or another smooth surface they could slip away). Their arms can also be bended forward, but not by much. You can find a video of this in their listings.

9 inch: The arms and legs are made of solid clay. The arms (except for the hands) have twisted metal wire in them - including around the hole that attaches the arm to the body - to add strength. The limbs can move at the shoulders and hips to an extent, but will not hold a position (besides sitting) unless supported. How much the arms are able to move will vary between dolls of this size. My dolls are not suitable for stop-motion.

14 + 16 inch: These dolls are semi-posable, which means you can bend/twist their arms and legs and have them stay in that position. This means that they can either have their legs straight out or you can bend the legs at the knees so that can sit on the edge of a shelf or piece of furniture. You can also make it look like they're waving at you or have them hold another doll. Always hold at the wrist when changing the position of the arms and be careful with the fingers. ​

My dolls are not suitable for stop-motion.


★ Any care tips?

Never clean the clay parts with water/moisture, only dust off with a dry soft brush.


A lint tape roller can be used with caution on their clothes, but best to avoid avoid felt and fuzzy materials as it could pull out the fibers. I recommend getting rid of the tape's initial super stickiness by briefly rolling it on something else first, so the doll can get a more gentle treatment.


Black hands and feet are made of black clay and white scratches may appear on them from friction with the other foot or a hard surface. Rubbing your fingers over the scratches will usually make them disappear. Be aware that a very rough surface like brick could leave permanent damage/scratches. When the hands and feet are painted a different color than the clay, I give added protection by using a spray sealant as well, but remember that still doesn't make it 100% damage-proof.


Onesies can come off (they close with velcro), but only wash the outfits if absolutely necessary and only by hand in cool water. Some fabrics may shrink in warm water. Always airdry only. Press the outfit between a towel to get most of the moisture out. Glued on bones and other decorative pieces may get frizzy from washing. Wrap a small plastic bag around the hands to easily get the onesie back on without damage to the fingers.


Keep in mind that the pants and shirts/sweaters usually cannot come off. Dry cleaning might be an option, but I have no experience with this. Using a steamer could damage the paint on the clay parts. If an outfit has somehow become extremely dirty or sun-bleached, I recommend to cut the outfit off the doll and use the existing outfit to make a pattern so that you can make a new outfit for them, making the sleeves and pant legs wider, so then can fit over the hands and feet. Or contact me and I might be able to make them a new outfit (for a fee, of course). Or maybe just embrace their new damaged look. 

Do not ever wash faux leather, as it will make the layers separate.

If you need more specific care advice for your doll, don't hesitate to contact me.



★ How can I speed up the check out process / how do I make an account?

Find "Log in / Sign up" on the right side of my logo at the top of the page on Desktop. On mobile, tap the menu icon at the top right of the page and it'll also show "Log in / Sign up" on the top of the menu. You can make an account with your Google or Facebook account or just your email-address. Then click on your name where it used to say 'Log in' to go to your account and enter your address etc. In "My wallet" you can add credit and debit card details for a fast checkout.


It will automatically give you a username, but you can change this in your account. If you're having any issues, first try to reload the page. Still having issues? Then log out and log in again.

★ Can you reserve a doll for me/pay in multiple instalments?

I no longer reserve/hold dolls. Some people have the option to get a payment plan via Paypal. Or get a custom order, then you can ask for a certain time period to pay for the doll (must be paid off before it's shipped).


★ What are you payment options?

My website accepts Paypal, most debit-/credit cards and iDeal. Although I offer Paypal, please avoid using it if you can, since they take double the fees that Stripe does. You do not need any sort of Stripe account to pay with Stripe, they accept many debit- and credit cards.

★ Should I expect customs fees?

Buyers from outside the EU are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. These taxes and fees vary per country, so I cannot tell you how much this will be (this information can often be found on the website of your national postal service or national customs). I know for a fact that those from the USA will not have to pay anything to customs, but cannot speak for other countries.


Those in the EU will not get any sort of fees when the package arrives in your country. Instead, you will have already paid for 25% VAT in my shop (added at checkout).



★ Where are you located?

Sweden (part of the EU).

★ Do you ship to my country?

Short answer: I can ship to pretty much anywhere!


Long answer: people from the following countries (in alphabetical order) are currently able to purchase from my shop with free shipping when buying any doll that is 9 inch or larger (delivery by your national postal service. You also have the option to pay extra for DHL): Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden of course, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

Shipping cost for a mini doll to the countries above is currently 130 sek (around 13 usd).


Shipping cost to other countries is subject to change that I might have missed, so feel free to ask for shipping info before you plan to buy. But what's for certain is that you'll have to pay extra for shipping. Some only have to pay an additional 250 Swedish Crowns (around 25 US dollars), but others could pay up to a 1000 crowns (around 100 US dollars). The shipping is expensive when my only option is DHL, whose prices are very high. On the upside, those packages are insured for damage/loss up to 400 dollars and arrive in only 5 days to seemingly any destination (except warzones of course).

Only purchase from me if you are certain international packages are arriving safely to your country/city! It is your responsibility to make sure that your postal service is able to deliver to you.

★ How long will it take for my package to get to me? 

Ready-to-ship dolls are generally sent off in 1-2 business days. Packages to the USA has become very speedy and your package can arrive in under a week. But in general you can expect 1-2 weeks and it could be longer on the odd occasion that customs is backed up. I can imagine shipping to some other countries like Australia can take a lot longer to arrive, but it's hard to say since I mostly ship to the USA. If you are willing to pay extra for DHL (you can see this option at checkout), then your doll will get to you in 5 days, pretty much anywhere on the planet.

★ Do you accept returns?

If you have a very good reason to return a doll (within 30 days after receiving it), I'll accept it - but you'll have to pay for the return shipping and I can only refund you the total amount minus the initial shipping I paid for and minus payment fees, as I cannot get these back. These fees can be up to 35 dollars. If the doll gets damaged on its way back to me due to improper packaging, I'll have to take an appropriate amount off the refund.

If the package is returned to me by the postal service for whatever reason, I can only refund you the amount minus shipping and fees (aka the amount I can give back without losing money myself). Or you will have to pay for shipping again for me to ship it once more to a different address. Luckily this has never happened before in the 6 years I have been selling dolls from my current location.

What does the doll's packaging look like?

My dolls are securely shipped in a plain cardboard box, and then I neatly wrap that box in brown paper. They all come with their own little signed certificate that contains info about the doll, attached to the doll with a ribbon. Clay parts are wrapped with bubble wrap or some kind of foam material and the whole doll is wrapped in a sheet of white plastic. The rest of the box is filled up with scrunched up newspaper or other reused filling materials, so the doll cannot move around. I stick a handwritten note on the box, under the brown paper. So the note could be taken off and the box rewrapped to be given as a gift. The tracking number is also written on the side of the box for extra prevention against loss (in case the printed label gets damaged). Below are two unboxing videos from 2022.

★ What happens if the package is lost, stolen or damaged on the way here?

I cannot give refunds for lost or stolen dolls (unless shipping was done with DHL, then we can get some money back in case of damage or loss, but not theft after delivery). None of my packages have ever gotten lost (I've sent well over 400 internationally) and it is also your responsibility to have the package sent to a safe and secure location and to make sure your address is correct. If your package is presumably lost, you need to contact your national postal service to see if they can do anything for you. If your package was actually stolen, you should file a police report. 

I currently cannot offer refunds for damaged dolls. The last and only time a doll was damaged during shipping was in 2018 and I have since made my dolls much sturdier and improved my packaging. You can ask me about insured shipping after placing your order and then I'll check if the Swedish postal service offers it to your country. However, this is often not available internationally. Therefore Mim's Victims is not responsible for what happens once the package is in the hands of the postal service. My dolls are made of strong materials and I package them very well, so I cannot be held responsible for any damage that could have happened from rough unwrapping or handling  by the recipient. I can only give advice on how to fix any damage that has occurred. A broken finger can be easily repaired with superglue.



★ Where can I find a gallery of your work?

My instagram page is currently the closest thing I have to a photo gallery. On rare occasions a doll has never been posted (for example if it's a remake) and some posts have been archived, but most of my creations are there.

★ I saw someone selling a doll claiming to be a Mim's Victims, how can I make sure?

As long as I'm alive, you can simply ask contact me with a picture and ask. You can also browse my Instagram page, but keep in mind that not every single doll is posted and some have been archived. Below are pictures of what my older certificate-cards looked like.


Some of my very first humanoid dolls did not come with a certificate, but all my dolls made before September 2022 have a label glued to their back, under their clothing (old dolls are missing an apostrophe on the label, so it's written as "Mims Victims"). So if the outfit allows it, you could ask the sellers to lift up the shirt to check. I stop using this label in September 2022. I then switched to using a clay stamp below the nape of their neck that reads Mim's Victims, together with the year they were made and their unique number. I also added a new small label on the back of their clothing.

A picture of my current certificate-card can be found under The Dolls.


Used June 2017 - February 2021 


Used March 2021 - March 2023

★ Why did you stop making humanoid dolls?

I just don't want to make them anymore. And I don't see myself growing tired of my pumpkin creatures any time soon, so that's what you can expect from me for the foreseeable future.

★ What happened to your Youtube channel?

I took it down a few years ago. It's a long story, but in the end it was the best decision for me personally. I still post short videos on Instagram, I hope you'll enjoy those.



★ I'd love to make a doll like yours! Do you have tutorials?

I currently do not offer any sort of tutorials. I may start teaching at some point, but not in the foreseeable future.

★ Is it okay if I make a drawing of one of your dolls?

Sure! As long as you're not planning to sell it. And tag me on Instagram! Other art forms like make-up or even costumes are also appreciated as long as they are for fun and not business. The only exception is that I prefer people don't make any fan art that involves doll making/sculpting, as that goes into 'knock off' territory for me. See question below.


★ Is it okay if I make a doll inspired by yours? 

Inspired - yes. Trying to make a copy - I'd rather you didn't. Inspired is essentially saying you're going to make a pumpkin doll but it won't look like mine. That's totally fine, because of course I do not own the concept of a pumpkin person or classic Jack-o-lantern designs. But if you're looking at my pictures while making your doll, that is more than inspired. And I'd personally prefer you'd make something original. Or make fanart of famous movies instead, that is always a safe option. Another option is to look for people who do put out/sell tutorials for dollmaking instead. Little Fishy Things for example sells a tutorial for a fabric pumpkin doll that looks amazing and it doesn't cost much. I really only encourage fanart of my work when they're drawings (or any art form that is not sculpting, really) and they are not being sold.

★ What type of clay do you use?

I use Apoxie Sculpt, which is an epoxy clay. But I really do not recommend it for beginner sculptors, as the clay starts hardening once you mix it and you'll have to work quick. If you are a beginner, it's best to start out with polymer clay, which you can work on for as long as you want and it will only harden once you bake it.

Updated May 2nd 2024

★ Can they stand?

My dolls cannot stand on their own, they're meant to be displayed sitting down. They can all technically stand for a quick photo if they're leaning against a wall and standing on a non-slippery surface, but keep in mind this may damage the paint on the feet, so this is all at your own risk.


You can display them with a doll stand if you'd like, but be aware that especially the bigger dolls might be a bit too top-heavy for this. My 9" dolls are most suitable to display standing up. But I do not sell doll stands, so you'll have to find those elsewhere.

★ How fragile are they?

Every doll is a piece of art and they're not meant to be played with. They are purely decorative, but making them sturdy is still a big priority for me. Although their necks might seem thin, they are stronger than they look because of the type of clay and the metal wire that's inside. Dolls have fallen over many times in the Mim's Victims Studio and they have always survived. The only parts that could be broken more easily are things like pointy ears and the pumpkins' spread out fingers. But should that ever happen, you can repair this with some superglue. When posing your doll, always make sure to grab it by the wrist. In general, the main thing you should be careful with is the paint on the clay parts. Paint could scratch off it it comes in contact with your nails, a sharp object or rough surface.

Theoretically the metal wire in dolls will eventually get worn out if bent it the same spot too many times. This has not happened to me personally even after quite a few photoshoots with a doll, but bending it every day for weeks or months will likely make it snap at some point (the limb would not fall off, but would no longer be able to keep certain positions).


★ Can I bring your minis on adventures with me?

You definitely can, I love seeing pictures of my minis out and about! They were originally meant as accessories for the bigger dolls (so purely for decoration), but they are definitely very cute travel buddies. They are very sturdy, but the only thing you need to look out for is the paint on the head. The paint doesn't immediately chip off if it falls over on a smooth table but a rough surface like brick could do a little damage. And I wouldn't use it as a stress toy, because the metal wire could get worn out from heavy use and snap.

★ Are they vegan?

More often than not my dolls are made with synthetic/vegan materials, but sometimes a sweater fabric can have wool in it (these fabrics are always obtained secondhand). This is always mentioned in their listings.

★ Do you repeat designs?

I do sometimes repeat designs, but because they are handmade they always have different personalities regardless. If you're waiting for me to repeat something - don't, because you might be waiting forever. Your best bet is to just get a custom order. 

★ Do they come with a certificate of authenticity?

My certificate comes in the form of a small card that shows date they were finished, a unique number, and some more info. All my dolls also have a label on the back of their clothes. And the brand name is stamped into the clay, right below the nape of their neck, together with their number and the year it was made. More info on my older labels and certificates can be found under Past Work.

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