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My next release will be on Saturday June 1st at 8 PM Swedish time. Made to order minis will also be available again. There will be three 16+ inch dolls available: The first one can already be previewed on the shop page. The other two will be classic smooth Jack 'O Lantern dolls with striped shirts. One will be red with horns and the other will be pink without horns.

My dolls usually sell pretty quickly after listing them (some almost immediately), so be ready at the shop update time if you really want one.

I am currently accepting custom orders to be made in June-July and November-December 2024 via email or instagram. The months mentioned are the creating period, not the accepting-orders-period. This means that if you contact me in the last week of July, I will most likely not be able to make it until November. More info on the Custom order page.

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Updated May 25th, 2024

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