UPDATES July 7th 2020

I am currently closed for custom orders.

Check the 'Custom Order' page for more info on when I reopen.


Big pumpkin dolls drop coming August 8th!

And 3 'human' dolls in Large, Medium and Small coming later in August.


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For most frequent updates about what I am making, follow me on instagram.com/mimsvictims

My website is currently under construction. A new gallery is on its way.

I plan to hold a blind auction for my Joker doll later this year, once worldwide shipping has hopefully returned back to normal. I will be making a separate page for this soon with all his details and the rules for the auction. Better start saving up if you want him!

Dolly Day Barcelona has been postponed until March 20th, 2021. Hope to see you there.

I love Abby so much. She's so sweet & has a story to tell I think. Great contact with the seller, and she came so much faster than expected!!! I can't get my head around how she can be handmade! Such talent. Thank you.



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