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Currently accepting custom orders to be made in June-July and November-December 2024. 
To inquire about a custom order, you can email me ( or DM me on instagram (but please check the price examples in my shop first).
I only accept orders for Jack 'O Lantern/pumpkin dolls in my personal art style. If you request a movie/videogame character, it'll be as if the doll is cosplaying/dressing up as that character.
When I am accepting orders
I am currently accepting custom orders to be made in July and November-December 2024 via email ( or instagram messages. This means that if you contact me in the last week of July, I will most likely not be able to make your order until November. The months mentioned are the creating period, not the accepting-orders-period.

Currently my 9 inch dolls are generally between 370-500 US dollars and my larger dolls between 500-700 US dollars. Price depends on the amount of detail/time spent on the doll. I always set a price for you up front. You can see examples of my current prices in my shop. Prices are set in Swedish Crowns, so the currency exchange rate does fluctuate a little over time. And prices may go up over time to reflect increasing popularity and quality. So keep in mind that if I quote you a price and you don't actually place the order, this price might not be the same 6 months later.

I do not make custom 4 inch mini dolls, only 9 inch and up. Outfits for 9 inch dolls must be simple and thick fabrics don't work on them, so no onesies and less fabric options in general. More detailed requests need to be at least 14 inch.

I only accept orders for Jack 'O Lantern/pumpkin dolls in my personal art style (browse my instagram page for examples). If you request a movie/videogame character, it'll be as if the doll is cosplaying/dressing up as that character. I do not add hair/wigs to my pumpkins unless it is a clown, but sometimes a hairstyle can be incorporated into a onesie.

More general doll info in FAQ.

Repeating doll designs
In general I can remake a sold doll, there are only a few exceptions (that no one has asked me to remake so far). Just keep in mind that everything is handmade and we might have to replace the fabrics with something similar if I ran out of them. Below are two examples where I did have the right fabrics, but you can see they are still not exact copies. I think it makes them special.
remakes 1 (1) copy.jpg
remakes 2 copy.jpg

The process

1. We discuss your design, price and a timeline.

2. You make a down payment of at least 200 US dollars.

3. I sculpt your doll.

4. You pay the outstanding amount (if any, approx. 2 weeks before the to-be-finished date).

5. I finish your doll and send it off a few days after.



Via my website, I am able to send invoices. This means you will receive an email that has a link in it that allows you to pay on a private page on my website. You'll have the same payment options as my public shop including Paypal. (But please only use Paypal if you cannot use the other options, because the fees are pretty steep on my end.) You'll receive an order confirmation for the down payment as with any other online purchase.

Ideally I only receive two payments total, but I can make it three if that is necessary for you. Making the full payment at once is possible too.


Payments are non refundable, unless I become physically unable to complete your doll. Please note that if you have previously failed to keep promises regarding payments in the past, you will need to pay the entire amount up front (this is something I will have already told you).

If you are not able to make the final payment on time as promised (a small delay of let's say 2 weeks might be okay, but please respect my time and schedule), I reserve the right to use the sculpted doll parts for a different doll for my shop. Once the doll is fully paid for, I will sculpt it again from scratch and make the doll at my own pace.


Waiting period

After you contact me, I will let you know the soonest date I could have your doll finished. If you need a certain amount of time to pay for the doll, we can work out a timeline that works for both of us. Keep in mind that the doll needs to be fully paid for, for me to work on it past the sculpting stage.


More information

If you have any more questions about my dolls or my shop in general, please check out my FAQ page.

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