To find out when custom orders will (likely) be available again, check the Shop Plans page.


Want a custom Mim's Victims doll? You are at the right place! Please read this page before buying a down payment in my shop or sending me questions about your wishes.

To learn more about the doll sizes/types I offer, please read THE DOLLS page


  • I do not offer custom minis! Only my Small, Large and Medium dolls are an option.

  • Max one slot/doll per person (might go back to max 2 dolls in the first half of 2022).

  • Requesting a repeat of a doll is okay, but if I no longer have that doll's specific fabric, we'll need to compromise.

  • I do not accept commissions for realistic work or any sort of replica of a videogame/movie character (if you've seen characters on my Instagram, they are personal projects). You can only request variations of my work in my personal art style. I am sometimes willing to make something  loosely based on a game/movie character - for example a pumpkin doll where only the outfit references a movie character - but please contact me about this before buying a custom order slot to make sure I am okay with it. 

  • I no longer want to make dolls based on celebrities, you or someone you know. 

  • You'll have to accept that the doll might not turn out exactly how you expected. I can sculpt, I can sew, but I am only human. I always try my hardest to stay true to the sketch I've made for you. Please trust in my artistic abilities.


I am open to trying new skin tones for humanoids, including colors like blue, purple etc. I am also open to creatures from folklore either as a humanoid doll or a pumpkin combo, like goblins, zombies, vampires etc. Concepts like rainbow and clowns are also welcome, as long as I can make it work with my art style.



Custom orders are available every now and then throughout the year, when it suits me (I have more time for this in the first 6 months of the year). I cannot guarantee that I will keep offering custom orders forever. Life is unpredictable after all or it might become too stressful in the future if I get overloaded with inquiries. So take the opportunity while you still can!


The following price ranges are in Swedish Crown (SEK), like in my shop. Use the currency converter below to calculate the amounts in your currency. These price ranges do not include extra fees for sketches, looking at fabric options or ordering new fabric, but they do include shipping to most countries (keep reading for more on all of this).

​The following price ranges are for straight forward requests where no sketch or much communication is required. It's then the same price as it would be in my shop. Amount of detail and challenging aspects determine your the price.

  • Small custom pumpkin doll 2900~3700 sek

  • Medium custom pumpkin doll 3200~4000 sek

  • Large custom pumpkin doll 3400~4200 sek

The prices above only count for pumpkins with root-type feet. Shoes will cost you more if they are detailed. If your outfit request is extremely detailed (please contact me beforehand in this case), it could exceed the ranges listed above.

  • Small custom humanoid dolls and goblins 4000~5000 sek 

  • Medium and large custom humanoid dolls 5000~8000 sek

EXTRA FEES: There is a price difference between orders with a straightforward request and those that want to see different fabrics or give feedback on the doll while it's in progress. 

  • Straight forward requests (no sketch required) fall in the price ranges listed above (essentially same price as it would be in the shop). For example: "I would like a onesie pumpkin with this face (insert picture) in pink. Do your thing!"

  • Less straight forward requests (sketch required): price it would be in shop +250 sek (aprox. 29 usd). For example: "I would like a pumpkin like (describes) and would appreciate a sketch, so I know we're on the same page."

  • Sketch + showing fabrics or other materials I have: Price it would be in shop +500 sek (aprox. 58 usd). For example: "I would like a pumpkin like (description). Could you make a sketch and also show me your green fabrics for the shirt?"

  • Sketch + showing fabrics + having to order new fabric: Price it would be in shop +1000 sek (aprox. 117 usd).

PAYPAL FEES: Those using Paypal will be charged the extra, which is max 100 sek (approx. 12 usd)

TAX AND SHIPPING: Prices do not include tax. EU customers need to add 25% for VAT. Non-EU customers (excluding the USA) may have to pay sales tax/VAT and customs fees when the doll arrives in your country. Prices include free shipping to most countries, but some customers will need to pay extra (check "Do you ship to my country?" on my FAQ page). Prices may increase over time to reflect my growing skills and popularity.

ABOUT SIZE: The size of the doll actually does not matter that much when you think about it. I still need to go through all the same steps, just a tad bigger or smaller. A smaller size only saves a little on materials, but much less than you might think. Sometimes a smaller size can even make things more challenging (imagine sewing a bigger shirt VS a tiny shirt).


I can be flexible when it comes to payments as long as you actually stick to the plan that we've set up. Once a payment plan has been decided, I will send you payment requests via my website (Stripe) or Paypal. Your doll will only be sent off when it has been fully paid for, so no after-pay.

After we have settled on a price, I would never unexpectedly raise the price. A deal is a deal. However, if you want me to add more details or make changes in the middle of the process, we'll have to discuss a new price.


  1. Read this page to make sure your wishes line up with what I offer.

  2. If you want something more complicated than a standard pumpkin doll or something completely new - leave me your request through the form at the bottom of this page to start a conversation with me to make sure I am okay with your request.

  3. If you want to place the order, you can then purchase a down payment in my shop when there is one available.

  4. Once you've made your down payment, we can start discussing specifics about the design, price and payment plan. You can contact me immediately after making your purchase, or expect an email from me within an hour after buying a slot. (I expect people to get back to my emails in a somewhat timely manner - don't make me wait several days for a response. If you need more time to think about something, simply tell me that.).

  5. If needed, I make a sketch for you which you can comment on.

  6. I start working on the doll.

  7. When the doll is finished, I'll send you some quick pictures for your approval (you do not get my full resolution professional photos). It's rare that at this point there is still something missing. If you want to add something new at this point, I might have to up the price.

  8. You pay the remaining amount if there is any.

  9. Once finished, I need 1-3 days to make professional pictures (depending on the weather). 

  10. Then I send the doll off to you as soon as possible.

If you need help to describe your wishes, you can name or show aspects of dolls I have already made and explain what you love about it. Check for examples on my instagram.


Maximum waiting time for your doll from the moment you have placed your order is 5 weeks + shipping time (but if your lucky and I choose to work on yours first it can be done in a week). If you need more than 5 weeks to pay, contact me before buying a slot to ask if I will allow your proposed payment plan.


There are limitations in regards to their outfit and how much skin they can show. To learn more about the 3 doll sizes/types I offer, please read THE DOLLS page.


The smaller the doll, the less detail I can put into it. So only very simple outfits for this size. One advantage of this small size is that it's not a must for them to have long pants and long sleeves, because their arms and legs are made of solid clay. Check for examples on my instagram.


My dolls can have a bit of chest, underarm and lower leg showing. Any more clay added to show more 'skin' and they would no longer be posable and thus it would just be a sculpture, not a doll (and it would be very hard to dress). The doll shown below shows the maximum amount of skin I can do (but fishnet parts can be bare). The legs can be bare up to where her leg warmers end, under the knee.

M (8).JPG
N (20).JPG
N (10).JPG

I can also put mesh on the posable parts of the doll, but only if I have/can find a fabric that matches the doll's skin tone, like here:


Thanks! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I would love to make you a doll. You can leave your wishes/ideas in the form below and we'll talk about it. Remember that this does not mean you have placed an order - for that you need to buy a down payment in my shop.