To find out when custom orders will (likely) be available again, check the Shop Plans page.

CUSTOM pumpkin dolls

Want a custom Mim's Victims pumpkin doll? You are in the right place! Please read this page before buying a down payment in my shop.

To learn more about the doll sizes/types I offer, please read THE DOLLS part of my FAQ.


  • If you want glasses for your doll (only for 16"), please communicate this with me before placing an order. I will have the black round glasses in stock starting January 2023 along with some other colors. But if you want another style of glasses, I'll have to order those and because it can take a while for them to arrive from China, we need to plan accordingly.

  • I currently only take orders for variations of my pumpkin doll designs. I no longer make dolls resembling humans.

  • I do not accept commissions for realistic work or any sort of replica of a videogame/movie character. If you've seen realistic characters on my Instagram, they are personal projects. You can only request variations of my work in my personal art style. However, something loosely based on a game/movie character is okay - for example a pumpkin doll where only the outfit references a character - but please contact me about this before buying a custom order slot to make sure I am okay with it.

  • Requesting a repeat of a doll I've made before is okay, just keep in mind I cannot always offer the exact same fabrics for their outfit and the doll will not be 100% the same regardless because every single one is handmade.

  • I do not offer custom minis (3 inch)! Only 9/16/20 inch dolls.


---- Please check my shop page for price examples ----


Besides detail/difficulty determining the price, more creative freedom for me equals a lower price for you.


The following price ranges are in Swedish Crown (SEK), like in my shop. You can find out the amount on your currency by googling it like this: "4000 SEK in USD". Remember this can fluctuate over time because currency exchange rates get updated every day (and the Swedish Crown is currently, in September of 2022, not very steady). These price ranges do not include extra fees for sketches, looking at fabric options or ordering new fabric, but they do include standard shipping to most countries (keep reading for more on all of this).

Amount of detail and challenging aspects determine your the price. I ask the same price for a custom doll as what it would be priced in my shop, so you can check there to get an idea of what your price might be.

  • Small custom pumpkin doll 3400~4000 sek (305~355 USD)

  • Medium custom pumpkin doll 4000~6000 sek (355~535 USD)

  • Large custom pumpkin doll 4400~6000 sek (395~535 USD)


EXTRA FEES: There is a price difference between orders with a straightforward request and those that want to see different fabrics or give feedback on the doll while it's in progress. 

  • Straight forward requests (no sketch required) fall in the price ranges listed above (essentially same price as it would be in the shop). For example: "I would like a onesie pumpkin with this face (insert picture) in pink. Do your thing!"

  • Less straight forward requests (sketch required): price it would be in shop +250 sek (aprox. 23 usd). For example: "I would like a pumpkin like (describes) and would appreciate a sketch, so I know we're on the same page."

  • Sketch + showing fabrics or other materials I have: Price it would be in shop +500 sek (aprox. 45 usd). For example: "I would like a pumpkin like (description). Could you make a sketch and also show me your green fabrics for the shirt?"

  • Sketch + showing fabrics + having to order new fabric: Price it would be in shop +1000 sek (aprox. 90 usd).

PAYPAL FEES: Those using Paypal will be charged the difference in cost for me (versus stripe), which is usually 100 sek (approx. 9 usd)

TAX AND SHIPPING: Prices do not include tax. EU customers need to add 25% for VAT. Non-EU customers may have to pay sales tax/VAT and customs fees when the doll arrives in your country. Prices include free shipping to most countries, but some customers will need to pay extra (check "Do you ship to my country?" on my FAQ page). Prices may increase over time to reflect my growing skills and popularity.

ABOUT SIZE: The size of the doll actually does not influence the price that much when you think about it. I still need to go through all the same steps, just a tad bigger or smaller. A smaller size only saves a little on materials, but much less than you might think. And sometimes it's actually more challenging to make something in a smaller size - imagine sewing a normal size shirt VS a tiny shirt. 


I can be flexible when it comes to payments as long as you actually stick to the plan that we've set up (if you don't, I will have to be more strict with you next time and for example only start on the doll once it's fully paid for). Once a payment plan has been decided, I will send you payment requests via my website (Stripe) or Paypal. Your doll will only be sent off when it has been fully paid for, so no after-pay.


There are limitations in regards to their outfits and how much skin they can show. To learn more about the doll sizes/types I offer, please read THE DOLLS part of my FAQ.​

Small (9") dolls

The smaller the doll, the less detail I can put into it. So only very simple outfits for my 9 inch dolls. This means I cannot make onesies for this size. One advantage of this small size is that they can have short sleeves and shorter pants/dresses, because their arms and legs are made of solid clay. I currently do not offer glasses for my 9" dolls, only for my 16".

Medium/Large (16/20") dolls

My pumpkin dolls generally can only have long pants/dresses and sleeves (or a shorter dress with leggings). The only pumpkin version that can have more 'skin' showing, is my new ragdoll style pumpkin (see picture, below on mobile). Keep in mind the head is still made of clay, just covered in fabric. 

I can make part of the sleeves and pant legs made of mesh, but only if I have/buy a fleece color that matches the color of the clay parts. 

I can only give dolls a working hood as part of a fleece onesie. If you see a doll of mine only photographed with a small hood that is down as part of a hoodie or cloak, the hood is essentially fake. 

I currently do not offer glasses for my 20" dolls, only for 16".



You can send your wishes/ideas to (please include your country). Remember that this does not mean you have placed an order - for that you need to buy a down payment in my shop or specifically ask if I can squeeze you in sometime soon (least likely to accept this during August-October, best chances during January-July).