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Click/tap on a photo to see the gallery full screen. Third slide contains a short video (no sound).


* Shipping is free to most countries (most of Europe, USA, UK, Australia, and many more) but people from some remote and developing countries will have pay for shipping at checkout. Check FAQ page for more info.


ONLY 1 AVAILABLE - goes for all dolls, a doll can only be made again as a custom order (when I make those available), but will never look 100% exactly the same as the original.


PLEASE READ: Information that applies to all dolls is under THE DOLLS segment in my FAQ. Please read my FAQ if you are unfamiliar with my work. This is an art doll and is not meant to be played with!


Total height: 23 cm/9.1 inch

Sitting height: 15 cm/5.9 inch


Weight: approx. 300 grams

Made with vegan materials.

Made in 2023.


Does not come with a doll stand. Is meant to sit down.


Head. arms and legs are made of white clay, painted with acrylic paint and sprayed with a matte varnish for a little extra protection. You should still be careful with it, tho - sharp objects or rough surfaces could still chip paint off. Arms and legs are sortof jointed, but motion is limited and they are not posable in the same way as my bigger dolls. These can only sit or stand (with a doll stand, not included).


The shirt tends to ride up a little when handling him, so make sure to pull down the shirt gently (front and back) after sitting him down. Clothing cannot come off without removing stitches.

9" Happy weathered Jack O'Lantern doll (free shipping*)

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