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Click/tap on a photo to see the gallery full screen. Also contains 2 videos (no audio). Check out the other minis listing for more pictures with bigger dolls etc. 




Please allow up to 4 weeks for me to make and ship your order (this is because I am also working on custom orders). 


If you would really like it with a sad mouth, just let me know.


* Shipping is around 13 US dollars to most countries (most of Europe, USA, UK, Australia, and many more) but people from some remote and developing countries will have pay more for shipping at checkout. Check FAQ page for more info.


Shipping cost for big dolls is included in the price, but for these minis it is not. Shipping for an order containing only a mini (or 2 or 3) is around 13 US dollars to most countries. Your mini will be safely shipped with bubble wrap in a small cardboard box with a tracking number. International shipping usually takes between 1-2 weeks. To the US only 1 week usually!


They are made of synthethic/vegan materials and 4 inches tall (10 cm).


The heads are made of strong Apoxie Sculpt and painted with acrylic paint. These minis are meant as an accessory for your bigger dolls (so purely for decoration), but if you want to take it with you places, you can do so at your own risk. The paint has a layer of matte varnish on top, but you should still be careful to not damage the paint. Other than that these mini dolls are very sturdy. Please note that these minis are supposed to have a 'handmade charm'. This means they may have small imperfections and some will be less symmetrical than others (especially the back of the head).


The bodies have metal wire inside, which means it can bend so you can give them a natural sitting position.  They cannot always sit properly on a smooth surface, they may sometimes slip away. They can sit fine on a rougher surface or fabric. They can stand when you lean it against something (in that case a smooth surface is okay for a quick photo, but still safer on a rough or textile surface). Keep in mind that the metal wire may get worn out and snap if you'd treat it like a fidget toy - they are not meant for this. If not bent back and forth constantly, snapping of the wire should not be a concern. Since June 2023 I have upgraded the metal wire I use for the minis and they are now much easier to bend, it needs little to no force at all.


The outfit cannot come off, the end of the sleeves and pant legs are glued to the body. The collar is glued to the outfit in the back. I always use high wuality textile glue.

The mini dolls don't come with any sort of certificate.


I plan to offer more colors in the future. Keep in mind that I will never offer custom options for these minis - it's not doable, because very few fabrics I have work on this scale as well as limited outfit type options. 

MADE TO ORDER 4" mini pumpkin clown dolls ($12 shipping*) Back on June 1st!

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